Find A Home Inspector – Vancouver

There are many ways to find a home inspector in Vancouver or anywhere else in the lower mainland. The most typical and convenient way is via referral from a real estate agent. Many home buyers rely on this method and leave it at that. By law, real estate agents are required to provide at least 3 different home inspectors for the buyer to choose from. At the end of the day, you as the home buyer should make the final decision and be comfortable with the selection process.

Other ways to find a home inspector in Vancouver are to go on directories like or the Better Business Bureau. HomeStars relies on client reviews through a rating system of 1-10. Here you get a whole range of comments from past clients to learn about their experiences. (As a side note, you can find anything related to home services when you look at

The Better Business Bureau is more of a clinical based report about a business.  You can look to see if complaints have been resolved or not. They rate businesses from A+ down to F, based on a number of criteria. The most important consideration here is to see how many complaints there are, and whether they have been resolved or not. Besides these two options, there are numerous other online directories, so take your pick.

You can also do your own research online through search engines like Google. This method is becoming a standard way to find a home inspector in Vancouver, Richmond, where I am based out of or anywhere for that matter.

Local associations, like CAHPI (BC) will have a list of home inspectors to choose from as well.

Obviously, it is a good idea to ask your friends and family members about their experience with home inspectors. Recommendations from those close to you is usually the best way to decide. Failing that, online recommendations from online review sites will give you an objective opinion to help you with your decision.

Look for a competent, ethical home inspector who takes the time to learn about your specific needs and expectations on the phone or email prior to the inspection. They will also send you a copy of their Standards or Practice & contract before the inspection so you have some time to look it over.

So, when you do find a home inspector be sure that your are comfortable with your source and the home inspector you end up choosing.

For more details about this topic give me a call at 604-729-4261 or check out my blog post What is a home inspection? Other details and articles related to home inspection can be found on my blog as well.  Good luck with finding your home inspector! 🙂