Mold Inspections

As a specially trained & certified Mold Inspector through MICRO (Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization) I am in a position to help individuals deal with mold related issues in their homes. The goal of every mold inspection is to identify the threat of mold in the home and ensure that your living environment will be safe & stress free. I provide the following:

#1) A thorough inspection to determine if a mold problem exists and where the source is.

#2) Recommendations for remediation or clean up to help you remove the mold problem as needed.

#3) A post clean up/remediation inspection to ensure that your home has been restored to a suitable safe living environment.

I take a proven approach to mold inspections by combining the three worlds of science, evolution & technology. This methodology allows greater accuracy, cost savings and peace of mind for my clients. The approach includes…

–       Initial Discussion: I ask a number of questions to understand all of the details behind why the initial call was made. By taking the time to learn about your concerns, I am in a better position to develop an action plan for the inspection.

–       Visual Inspection: Once I have gathered the facts, I conduct a visual inspection of the exterior and interior areas of the home. As I find clues, I document potential areas of concern to be further examined.

–       Technology & Testing Equipment: To confirm my visual assessment, I use tools and technology. This allows for a more comprehensive, detailed analysis and proof. In the end, you will have the most reliable information available for your needs

–       Sampling: This stage of the game involves sampling to capture airborne mold spores or swab samples of growth present in the home. The samples are sent to a lab for scientific testing. Sampling will help determine exactly what types and quantities are present & how potentially serious the condition is.

–       Report and Interpretation: After I have compiled all of the data and completed the report, all relevant details, photos, lab interpretation, and recommendations will be included for your use.

–       Post Inspection: In the event of serious remediation efforts, I can return for an inspection to ensure that the home has been restored to a safe living environment, for your peace of mind.

To learn more about mold in the home, take a look at the following blog links… Mold Detection and Cleaning Mold. Feel free to call me at 604-729-4261 for questions or to book an appointment.

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