New Home Inspections In Vancouver – Are They Necessary?

There are always new homes being built in Vancouver, Richmond and all over the Lower Mainland. If you purchased a new home, did you get a new home inspection? Did you debate whether or not it is necessary? After all, you should have a home warranty in place, right?

In this post I will discuss the reasons why new home inspections in Vancouver are important to consider for protecting your investment.

In my opinion, it really all comes down to how the well the home is built, not whether the home is new or not. In an ideal world all new homes would be well built, and according to or above code. The fact is… this does not always happen.

New housing projects often go through a bidding process before they are developed. When the lowest bidder wins the project, the contractor may only be able to afford to hire lower paid workers, who are usually inexperienced or unskilled. When this happens, quality suffers and the eventual homeowner ends up taking the hit.

Furthermore, the winning contractor will often sub contract the work out. This further complicates matters because the workers are not all monitored simultaneously, because they are often coming in and out at different times. Even with really well managed jobs, there will be coordination challenges. Mistakes will happen.

Another example where workmanship suffers is when there are really tight deadlines. If speed is the priority, quality takes a back seat, yet again.

New homes are not immune to construction problems. I often see missing or incomplete flashing and disconnected ductwork, for example. When structural members are compromised, such as large holes or notches in floor joists or beams to make way for plumbing or HVAC, the integrity of the home is in question.

Even when a new home warranty covers you, it may not always protect you because the warranty only covers different parts of the home for a specific period of time. Make sure you read and understand exactly what you will be getting with your new home warranty.

To sum it up, new home construction is not a perfect science. Short time frames, sub contracted workers, poorly skilled labour and poor planning can make their way into newly constructed homes.

When you get your new home inspection in Vancouver, it will actually give you more leverage, because you will be given a report with a list of the flaws that need to be fixed, so you can utilize your warranty coverage. By taking this proactive approach, your investment will be better protected.

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