Hire Home Inspector Sean

In order to practice as a home inspector in BC, all inspectors must be licensed. My license number is  53755, independently administered by Consumer Protection BC.

Now that you know that I am legally permitted and qualified to practice, there are a few other reasons to consider.

I believe that all professions have people that fall in one of the three categories below, and the home inspection business in no different.

Category #1 – Home Inspectors who do less than required.

Category #2 – Home Inspectors who do the bare minimum.

Category #3 – Home Inspectors who continually work to improve, while exceeding their clients expectations.

I work hard to be one of the few from category #3.  Have a look below to discover a number of valid valid reasons to hire me as your Home Inspector of choice.

  • You’ll love my report- When you compare a Sean Moss Home Inspection report to the typical industry fixed-format checklist style report, you’ll see that my report is uniquely customized, thorough, easy to read and well organized. It is a narrative style, which allows me the flexibility to better explain deficiencies or briefly cover minor details. I include the proof of colour photos that pinpoint expensive or unsafe items. This is the exact information that will help you decide your next plan of action. This reporting system is designed to help you protect your investment. I’ll have your report to you typically within the same day of the inspection, but no longer than 24 hours. 
    Take a look at my Sample Home Inspection Report
  • I’m honest, ethical and reliable. There is an expectation that people will be honest and act accordingly, but the legal profession is thriving for a reason. Honesty, ethics & reliability cannot be taught in a book. In business or otherwise, these traits fundamentally govern my life. In the home inspection business, trust and peace of mind is what you need.
  • I work on quality, not volume. If a home inspection takes me 5 hours instead of 3 to complete, that’s okay. I will always ensure that I have finished a job properly. Because I work for myself, I can decide how to manage my time. I plan my inspections far enough apart to accommodate for the unexpected and my clients appreciate this courtesy.
  • I provide a superior home inspection for a fair price – I work extremely hard to earn my client’s business. As a part of that, I give you as much value as possible, for a fair price. My goal is that you will tell people that you received excellent value for a better than fair price. This just makes good sense to me and is fair deal for my clients.
  • I keep the process simple – There are already enough details involved with buying a home, so I take some of the stress away. I turn complicated technical jargon into simple everyday language that makes sense.  After our post inspection chat, you’ll walk away knowing the key issues affecting the house, what it means to you as a potential home owner, and have options to make your future decision(s) much easier.
  • I care about the environment – I try not to use a lot of paper, while providing you with a home inspection report that reflects these values. Not only does my report cost less to produce, it takes up no space. I’ll send you an email of your report, typically a few hours after the inspection & no longer than 24 hours. If you take a look at my blog, you will see a number of documents, links and other useful information resources. My clients find this extra information extremely helpful, especially since they can access and print only what they need when they need it.