Vancouver Home and Design Show ~ Innovative solutions

Yesterday afternoon, I made a trip down to the Vancouver Home + Design show at BC place stadium. There were a large number of exhibitors at the show… Everything was there, including home maintenance to cleaning products and food sellers.

If you are a potential or new homeowner, this is a good place to spend an hour to two, if not just to get a few ideas for making your home more comfortable, for that rainy day (which it was of course).

Some of the more interesting vendors/services that stuck out in my mind were BC Hydro. October is Power Smart month. If you go to their website, you can save some money on energy efficient light bulbs and learn more about saving energy as well.

Another company that I thought had some interesting products was Garage Guru. They provide excellent storage solutions for making the best use of a garage space… because let’s face it, we all could use better storage ideas for a cluttered garage.  The website is If you are in Vancouver, check out their local site…

If you want to engage in a green approach to doing your laundry, check out this company. They provide a solution that allows you to do your laundry without the use of detergent, saves money, does not pollute and apparently reduces allergens, just to name a few. They also claim to have solutions for a clean septic system.

Did you know that you now have an option to rent a water heater in BC? This is the first I have heard of this in our province. As an inspector, people ask me from time to time about this. This makes sense for a homebuyer that may not want to pay up front for the cost, or if you are planning to make a move and want to invest elsewhere. Take a look at to learn more.

For those of you worried about mold in the home, Basement Systems Vancouver has a new type of flooring system called “A mold free flooring system”.  I have mentioned this company in prior blogs as they are useful in providing solutions for leaky basements & crawlspaces. You can learn more by going to

These were just a few of my personal highlights from the show… but you can take a look at the exhibitor list on the website to find other interesting ideas for your home at

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