Vancouver Home Inspection – First Time Home Buyers Take Notice

A Vancouver home inspection is absolutely necessary for the first time home buyer. The reason I call it a Vancouver home inspection is because Vancouver is a different kind of city when it comes to ever increasing property values. Vancouver is one of the greatest cities to live in for our amazing beauty, geographical diversity, out door adventures and incredible dining.

Over the past few years, Vancouver has been profiled world wide, thanks to the winter 2010 Winter Olympics and our tourist industry. This exposure has led to an influx of visitors, converted to buyers. As a result, Vancouver property values have continued to soar.

So what does this mean to the first time home buyer in Vancouver? It means they need a Vancouver home inspection to help protect their investment because they will be shelling out considerably more than the average Canadian.

First time home buyers are more cautious when it comes to the largest purchasing decision they will ever make… and so they should be. These buyers need to rely on the opinion of a trusted, professional for their Vancouver home inspection. As mentioned in my last post, What is a home inspection?, I explain how BC home inspectors undergo scrutiny unmatched across the country, which is what a first time home buyer needs.

Vancouver home inspections involve understanding the unique, wet West Coast, and how these weather patterns affect the buildings we live in. Vancouver home inspectors have learned vicariously through the rehabilitation efforts resulting from the late 1980’s – mid 1990’s leaky condo nightmares.

Potential home owners should be careful when choosing the right person to inspect their new investment. At times it is tempting to choose a qualified contractor for this task because they can be less expensive, and to their credit many have a good working knowledge of proper building design and construction. However, it is unlikely that they will be trained in “home inspection defect recognition”, or limited in various systems, like electricity or HVAC. One thing is for sure, if they are not home inspectors, they will not be insured or licensed, so you will not be protected. This can cost you considerably when they miss a major deficiency that should have been discovered during the home inspection.

*As a side note – be sure to ask your home inspector if he /she has taken special courses in building envelope science. This training is extremely valuable, especially for the first time home buyers investing in high rise condominiums.

Knowing the difference between the buildings completed according to best practices in construction, (including all systems and components within the unit or home) compared to those risky money pits, is the knowledge a competent Vancouver home inspector can provide for you.

At the end of the day, first time home buyers must be cautious when buying a home, yet confident that they will be in good hands when they receive their Vancouver home inspection. So make sure you do your homework and find an inspector that can prove his/her competence through knowledge and recommendations from past clients as a reliable choice.

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