When Is The Best Time To Hire A Home Inspector?

Finding a good inspector when you need him/her can be tricky business. It is best to the find one when you want, rather than scrambling at the last minute because you have to close on a deal.

Considering property prices, I suggest setting aside enough time to research the best inspector for your needs. The top inspectors will be booked up to a week or more in advance, especially during the busy season. (Spring & Summer) Take care of the “inspector interview” long before the offer. It is much less stressful this way. Also, in my opinion, only you should be the one to choose the inspector, although many real estate agents will offer their suggestions.

If you want to sell your home and would like to know the deficiencies prior to listing it, call an inspector for a Pre-listing inspection. You can address the problems before the home goes on the market.

After the inspection, you can share the findings with potential buyers. This can make your home easier to sell. More than likely, the buyers will find their own inspector as well. If your pre-listing inspector does a good job for you, there will be few issues. The added bonus… Now you have someone for your own purchase.

Consider the following questions as you choosing your inspector.

  • Will they allow you to tag along during the inspection?
  • Do they communicate clearly?
  • Are they open to taking calls and providing advice after the inspection?
  • What kind of report do they provide? Do they include photos with their reports?
  • Are they licensed, insured and belong to a professional association like CAHPI?
  • Will they provide their standards of practice and contract before the inspection?

Check online to see how others view their work.

Most importantly, find someone who truly cares about protecting you, while providing the best value for the service. You can gauge this by how they react to your interview questions.

For example… Find out if they will allow you to shadow them during the inspection.

It is really a business decision and there is really no right or wrong answer. In my opinion however, clients gain a much better understanding of the home when they can learn throughout the inspection. Others disagree for a variety of reasons.

My last tidbit… With home inspectors as with all professions, I believe you get what you pay for. Anyone with the proper training will learn the skills to be a competent inspector. However, character, ethics & common sense (which can not be taught in any classroom) are the key personality traits that will put any inspector to the test when you really need him. So listen to your gut feeling on this. Hire the one that feels right for you, not the one that fits the last minute time slot or the pocket book.

For more information, feel free to contact me about this or anything home inspection related.